Youth in Action project, Action 1.1 Youth Initiative.

IMAGINE VUCCIRIA is an educational project realized in 2012 in the neighbourhood Vucciria of Palermo. The project favoured the social inclusion of a group of young people with fewer opportunities (with a specific attention to the young people of the Roma community living in the neighbourhood) through their involvement in creative activities such as photography and digital graphic.

Imagine Vucciria has foreseen the realization of a laboratory to let the young participants describe and imagine their neighbourhood through the creation of photographs, the study of images and their graphic editing. The photographs they have taken offered an original and spontaneous point of view on the neighbourhood and have been shown in an exhibition at Sant’Eulalia Church and collected in a catalog. 

The laboratory has been realised using analog cameras and coordinated by two experts in visual communication who supported the youth in the creation of a collective memory of their neighbourhood.

Project coordinator
Paola Pizzo
Andrea Cattano
Silvia Renda
Project Beneficiary
Bond of Union, Palermo (Italia)
Project funded by the programme
Youth in Action – Project number IT-12-70-2011-R1
Period: 31/05/2011- 30/01/2012

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