Youth in Action project – Action 4.3 Training course for youth workers.

FOCUS ON YOUTH is an educational project that has foreseen the realisation of a training course on how to let young people express themselves through photography. The project involved photographers and youth workers coming from France, Greece, Italy, Netherland and Spain. The training focused on the use of photography as a tool to promote social inclusion among young people with fewer opportunities, following the experience realised during the project Imagine Vucciria. During the training the participants also learned how to create a photo catalog and how to set an exhibition to valorise the work done.

The training course has been led by three photographers from Italy and Netherland and one expert in non formal education.

Project coordinator
Paola Pizzo
Andrea Cattano
Silvia Renda
Jean-Michel Crapanzano
Bond of Union, Palermo (Italy)
Citizens in Action, Atene (Greece)
Nexes Interculturals de Joves per Europa, Barcellona (Spain)
Association LOOK@U, Lorient (France)
Metamatrix Artlab, (Netherland)
Project funded by the programme
Youth in Action project number IT-43-E79-2013-R2
Period: 01/08/2013- 30/11/2013

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