Youth in Action project – Action 1.2 Youth exchange.

FOCUS ON YOU is a project of photographic education realised with a group of young participants from Italy, Czech Republic, Netherland, Spain and Sweden. The youth exchange focused on the portrait photography from the self-portrait to the discovery of the surrounding environment. The young participants worked on the realisation of a photo catalog and the organisation of a photo exhibition that took place in the arts centre Complesso Monumentale San Pietro in Marsala. 

The youth exchange has been realised by two photographers and one expert of non formal education.

Project coordinator
Paola Pizzo
Andrea Cattano
Silvia Renda 
Bond of Union, Palermo (Italy)
European office Skellefteå Kommun, Skelleftea (Sweden)
Luzanky, Brno (Czech Republic)
Nexes Interculturals de Joves per Europa, Barcellona (Spain)
Metamatrix Artlab, (Netherlandi)
Project funded by the programme
Youth in Action project number IT-11-E417-2013-R3
Period: 01/03/2014 – 30/09/2014

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