Youth in Action project – Action 4.3 Training course for youth workers.

EDUCATE TO SUSTAINABILITY is a project of environmental education realised in Collesano, a village of  the Madonie regional Park. It has foreseen the realisation of a training course for teachers and educators coming from Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom. 

The course focused on different topics such as how to develop a healthy lifestyle and a critical conscience and how to make young people aware of environmental issues. It also foreseen an exchange of educational methods to teach and involve young people. The participants shared their experiences on teaching, interaction with young people, respect for the environment and good practices for a healthier lifestyle.

The course has been realised by a trainer experienced in human rights and ethics, a biologist and an expert in non formal educational processes.

Project coordinator
Paola Pizzo
Cristina Ribaudo
Graziano Tullio
Bond of Union, Palermo (Italy)
Institute for Creative Civil Strategies, Ruse (Bulgaria)
European office Skellefteå Kommun, Skelleftea (Sweden)
Bornova Town National Education Directorate, Izmir (Turkey)
Associaçao Spin, Lisbona (Portugal)
South Eastern Regional College, Birmingham (United Kingdom) 
Project funded by the programme
Youth in Action project number IT-43-E11-2012-R1
Period: 01/06/2012 – 30/01/2013
External resources
Educate to sustainability Video

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