Participatory Urban Exploration as Educational Tool – is an exchange of good practices on the use of urban exploration as an educational tool, carried out in five neighbourhoods in five European cities. The aim of URBEX was to encourage young people to participate and read the territory together with proposals for concrete actions to improve it. During the implementation of the project the partners shared their experiences in the field of participatory urban methodologies to test exercises and innovative tools in local laboratories. The project also allowed to improve the observation and exploration skills of professionals from five organizations working with young people at risk of social exclusion.

URBEX was coordinated by Bond of Union together with partners: Dramblys, Albacete (Spain), Prostoroz, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Mapping for Change, London (UK) and Tesserae, Berlin (Germany).

Project coordinator
Paola Pizzo
Giorgio Barbato
Emilia Pardi
Claudia Speciale
Chiara Spinelli
Marija Bilijan
Bond of Union
Dramblys, Albacete (Spain)
Prostoroz, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Mapping for Change, London (UK)
Tesserae, Berlin (Germany) 
Project funded by the programme
ERASMUS+ cod. 2018 – 1 – IT03 – KA205 – 013227
Period: September 2018 – August 2019
External resources
Urbex Web Site
Urbex Youth Exchange Video

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