On October 16, 2020 in the former Ugdulena School took place the presentation of the laboratory #IDEEPERILCAPO.
The meeting allowed us to discuss together with the citizens of the Monte di Pietà neighborhood and other citizens involved the proposals for the resolution of some of the issues that emerged from the video interviews and the work of Bond of Union with the neighborhood.

In summary, the main issues that emerged are:
– Capo’s market, his crisis and proposals to mitigate it (reduced taxation, parking, enhancement of purchases at the market).
– enhancement of the artisan skills of the neighborhood through the involvement of young people and spaces for artisans
– issues related to waste disposal and neighborhood cleanliness
– experimental participatory budget and micro projects of active citizen participation (following the experience of Ideas for Capo)
The video interviews can be visualized at this link and on the neighborhood platform https://palermo.community-atlas.net/ that collects stories, ideas and actions of change coming from the citizens. More info at #IDEEPERILCAPO on Facebook.


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