CIVACT project – Promoting civic engagement among hard-to-reach youth through involvement in district development – aims to promote the social engagement of young people at risk of social exclusion by providing training tools to educators and teachers from Germany, Italy, Portugal, UK and Sweden. The project partners will develop and test new methodologies to involve young people at risk of exclusion living in five disadvantaged urban contexts. Youth workers will take part in vocational training to learn new methods of involvement and then use the new skills and knowledge to offer young people with whom they work new experiences of civic engagement, together with the necessary tools to propose active actions of urban regeneration and local development in the areas where they live.
The project includes a partnership with experience of working with young people at risk, local community management, social and educational projects aimed at local development.

Project coordinator
Mary Dellenbaugh
Lawaetz Stiftung, Hamnburg (Germany)
Bond of Union, Palermo, (Italy)
Mapping for Change, London (UK)
APDES, Porto (Portugal)
Goteborg Est,Göteborg (Sweden)
Project funded by the programme
ERASMUS+ cod. 2018-2-DE04-KA205-016747
Period: October 2018 – December 2020
External resources
Civact Facebook
Civact Web site
Civact Database youth engagement methods
Civact Needs analysis
CIVACT Policy Reccomendation

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