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Shape your future, progetto portfolio di progettazione europea su Bond of Union
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Shape your future



Educational format realized in 12 months focused on youth employment and on how to motivate the young to create their own professional future. During two meetings realized in Palermo (Italy) and Sofia (Bulgaria) the project involved 24 youth workers and 24 young coming from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Sweden.


The training course realized in Palermo envisaged the creation of an entrepreneurship education programme to be realized with a youth target. The trainers Paola Pizzo and Natalia Serakova shared with the participants the learning material created and invited them to create new learning tools. A crucial moment of the meeting has been the visit at the viral company Mosaicoon and the creation of business plans through the Business Model Canvas method.


The youth exchange realized in Sofia in the co-working space SOHO focused more on creativity and innovation as resources to fight youth unemployment. The young participants were stimulated to share their passions and thanks to the group activities they developed 5 creative projects, presented and voted by the staff of the Bulgarian organization Idea Factory. The exchange has been realized by the trainers Paola Pizzo and Nora Goleshevska with the support of Yuriy Vulkovsky, expert of creative industries and cultural management.


This project has been realized with the financial support of the European Commission.



Project manager
Paola Pizzo

Paola Pizzo
Natalia Serakova
Nora Goleshevska
Yuriy Vulkovsky

Palermo (IT)
Baia del Corallo
Sofia (BG)

Key action
Erasmus +
KA1 Mobilità dei giovani e degli youth workers

Idea Factory

Project funded by:
Programma Erasmus +


Employment and entrepreneurship