Edu-City promotes educational experiences involving adults from five European neighborhoods. Edu-City focuses on recognising the educational value of existing and consolidated territorial competences as well as the local competences of the different places where the partner organizations operate. Edu-City trains a new professional figure of neighborhood facilitator, to support groups of adults in becoming aware of their competences, in activating processes of participation and civic engagement, in empowering their work and life perspectives.
The project includes a series of national and international activities such as training for adult educators, workshops and job shadowing. Edu-City runs concurrently in Palermo, Berlin, Marseille, Sofia and Seville.

Project coordinator:
Paola Pizzo
Bond of Union, Palermo (Italia)
Tesserae, Berlin (Germany)
Zemos98, Siviglia (Spain)
Les Tetes de l’Art, Marseille (France)
Ideas Factory, Sofia (Bulgaria)
Project funded by the programme:
ERASMUS+ cod. 2021-1-IT02-KA220-ADU-000026604
Period: February 2022 – January 2024
External resources: to be completed

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