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COMENSI, COmmunity ENgagement for Social Inclusion
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(October 2018 – on going)

COMENSI (COmmunity ENgagement for Social Inclusion) is a 24 months Erasmus+ Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership for adult education.
The project aims to understand and face the scarce appeal of participatory processes for the most disadvantaged members of the adult population, living in disadvantaged urban areas and develop appropriate strategies & tools to counteract such issue. The project COMENSI will be carried through three parallel strands of activities. First, creating a network of practitioners, researchers and civic servants holding solid experience and practical engagement in local communities to frame the challenge and share concrete experience and available resources that will be collected in a Toolkit (IO1); second, to assemble a set of digital tools in the frame of a Neighbourhood platform explicitly designed for generic and low skilled users aimed at a participatory assessment of the needs, identities and proposals of territory by its own target groups (IO2); third, to integrate the use of digital resources and social media with the definition of physical spaces acting as neighbourhood hubs (IO3).

COMENSI is coordinated by Bond of Union with four partners organizations: 4Change, Lisbon (PT), Prostoroz, Ljubljana (SL), Mapping for Change, London (UK) and Tesserae, Berlin (DE).

The  COMENSI TOOLKIT is available for download. It is a collection of tools, methods and practices specifically designed and selected to improve the engagement of urban communities. The Toolkit will be tested in selected neighbourhoods trough local labs with local residents.


Project Responsible
Paola Pizzo
Giorgio Barbato


Project funded by ERASMUS+ programme (Agreement n. 2018-1-IT02-KA204-048362)


Active citizenship