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Youth is the key, progetto portfolio di progettazione europea su Bond of Union
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Youth is the key


(January 9 – 17 2012)


How is youth unemployment experienced in 6 different European countries?

How conscious are young people of the competences needed to more easily access the job market?
Which are the keys to facilitate their social inclusion and professional growth?


A group of teachers and educators, coming from Greece, Romania, Croatia, Sweden, Italy and Turkey, questioned themselves about these topics and developed an educational programme full of inputs and shared resources.


Starting from an exchange about the perception of youth unemployment in all the countries involved, the participants explored eight educational Key competences:
– communication in the mother tongue;
– communication in foreign languages;
– mathematical competence and basic competence in science and technology;
– digital competences;
– learning to learn;
– social and civic competences;
– sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;
– cultural awareness and expression


During the second part of the course divided in teams they discussed the possible initiatives in order to contrast youth unemployment.
The ideas collected ended up with the realization of a training course for trainers, which took place in the following months in Izmir, Turkey.


This project has been realized with the financial support of the European Commission


Project manager
Paola Pizzo

Daniela Juric

Domus Carmelitana Siculorum
Convento del Carmine Maggiore

Key action
4.3 Gioventù in azione
corso di formazione

Project funded by:
Programma Gioventù in Azione
APQ Giovani


Employment and entrepreneurship