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Imagine Vucciria, progetto portfolio di progettazione europea su Bond of Union
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Imagine Vucciria


(October 2011 – February 2012)


Imagine Vucciria Imagine Vucciria is a youth initiative, which involved a group of teenagers (15-17 years old) residents in the historical city centre of Palermo.
During 3 months they analysed different places, people and spaces, creating a photo project which reflect their original and spontaneous perception of the neighbourhood Vucciria.


The pictures realized have been included in a photo book and presented during an exhibition in the Church of Sant’Eulalia dei Catalani, seat of the Institute Cervantes.


During the workshop the participants used analogical cameras, leaded by two experts in visual communication with specific competences in photography, graphics, layout and exhibition staging (set-up).


At the end of the project the involved participants obtained important results, thus acquiring more self-confidence and, through the pictures realized, they contributed to the creation of a collective memory of their district.


This project has been realized with the financial support of the European Commission.


Andrea Cattano
Silvia Renda

Graphics and Layout
Silvia Renda

Administrative manager
Paola Pizzo (IT)

Location of activities
Vucciria - Palermo
Istituto Cervantes

Key action
1.1 Gioventù in azione
iniziativa giovani

Istituto Cervantes
Comune di Palermo

Project funded by:
Programma Gioventù in Azione


Creativity and culture