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Educate to sustainability, progetto portfolio di progettazione europea su Bond of Union
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Educate to sustainability


(september, 8-15 2012)


How to stimulate the young to be aware of the environmental problems?
How to let them develop a healthy lifestyle and a social consciousness?
Which are the best methods to educate and to involve the young generations?


In order to answer to these questions Bond of Union organized the training course “Educate to Sustainability”, with the participation of 21 educators coming from 7 European countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Sweden, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Italy.
Led by a facilitator (coach) and an expert of environmental education, during 7 days they shared their experiences concerning teaching, interaction with the young, environmental respect and good practices for a healthier lifestyle.
Thanks to music, art, sport, creative methodologies and interactive approaches we discovered that …. Yes, teaching and fun could work together!


This project has been realized with the financial support of the European Commission.



Project manager
Paola Pizzo

Environmental educator
Cristina Ribaudo
Graziano Tullio

Location of activities
Collesano (Pa)
Parco regionale delle Madonie

Key action
4.3 Gioventù in azione
corso di formazione

Comune Collesano
Serra Guarnieri Centro di Educazione Ambientale

Project funded by:
Programma Gioventù in Azione
APQ Giovani


Environment and Sustainability