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Discover your Environment, progetto portfolio di progettazione europea su Bond of Union
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Discover your Environment


(26 june – 04 july 2011)


Discover Your Environment was the first project realized by Bond of Union. During the exchange 20 teenagers, coming from Italy and the Czech Republic, met in the Madonie Regional Park, in Sicily, to discuss about environmental topics and the use of renewable resources to create a sustainable future.

During 10 days of activities we shared experiences, good practices and emotions. We played, created together and gave our small contribution to sustainable development…. With great excitement!



(august, 3-10 2013)


For the second edition of the project Discover Your Environment we opened to other European countries in order to make the experience richer and more exciting. We gathered 20 teenagers and 5 educators coming from Bulgaria, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Turkey.

During the exchange we discovered deep differences among the participants about the lifestyles and the importance given to the environment and sustainable development. Through games and creativity, the youngsters shared good practices, interchanging reflection times and funny moments. A great learning for the educators involved during the activities!


This project has been realized with the financial support of the European Commission.


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Project manager
Paola Pizzo

Environmental educator
Cristina Ribaudo

Location of activities
Collesano (Pa)
Parco regionale delle Madonie

Key action
1.1 Gioventù in azione
scambio giovani

Comune Collesano

Project funded by:
Programma Gioventù in Azione
APQ Giovani


Environment and Sustainability